Tuesday, January 6, 2015


This poem/prose (whatever you wanna call it) is pretty self explanatory. I hope you enjoy.

(c) A.F. 4/10/12


How many times -
Times I looked at you,
You looking at me.
I memorized the curve of your jaw,
The eye-lines, the smile, the hue in the iris .
You - you are made of the glittering dawn;
Of the fragmented glass beads;
Of the waking hour's kiss
Upon the green0edged fields.

How many times -
Times I tred to speak;
Speechless Philomina -
Tongue cut out, raw and bleeding,
Blood dripping down my chin.
The words - words never to speak;
Reflecting Hieronimo.
A sea-maid's salty mouth, mutilated for a taste,
A breath (of humanity). I - - -
Choking, sputtering, as you walk away.

How many times -
Times I weeped, knowing.
You, unknowingly shattering
My chest-cage - fragmented - like your attention.
Parakeet strangled, slowly beat-breaking.
You - you are gold-platinum, I merely of ore.
Were that we could weld such precious metal
With a baser substance.
Alas! A diamond will always shatter glass.

One last time -
Time I looked at you,
You - looking at her.
I fell and shattered, uncaught.
Each second: razor blades and venom lies.
You - you are but a wicked mirage; a siren -
Luring, Oasis false, thirst- driven lovers to drown,
Drowning in dust-dry sand,
Laughing, smiling,
As the final feather drops.

(c) A.F. 4/10/12

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