Saturday, February 15, 2014

Shameless Begging

One time when I was on spring break in Texas, there was a guy on the street just asking everyone for money. He even followed people halfway down the block just to get their attention. When I passed him by, I got the idea to write this.

(c) A.F. 2/29/12


Have you no shame Sir?
You, sitting on the curb, empty cup in hand. 
"Spare change Ma'am?"
"No Sir. Sorry Sir" - shameless Sir.
You, with your sweat-beaded, mocha-brown skin,
Eyes squinting upwards, groveling.
Hands grabbing, reaching outstretched, and empty.
Have you no shame?
You, Sir - intelligent enough to speak; to know the value of a shilling. 
Your theatricalities and puppy dog eyes could move any sensible dame to pity.
But not I, Sir. No Sir. 
You and I, we are one in the same Sire; both penniless in these hard times.
Though you may sleep on the cobblestone streets (I in my warm quilted bed).
But - Oh, Sir! - shameless Sir, why must you beg?
Arte thou crippled? Hysteric? Victim to thine self or others? 
Have you no shame?
Sir, I avoid meeting your glassy, black-eyed gaze. 
I quicken my pace - "Sorry Sir".
I have no coins. I choose not to spare. 
I struggle too Sir! I must eat true Sir!
Tonight, I shall sleep in my bed - you in your box,, with your makeshift fire - shameless.
Perhaps, you shall beg again tomorrow
And some poor, empathetic soul shall take pity on you.
But not I Sir. 
I, I shall hold shame Sir (but only for a moment),
And then Sir, I'll just let it go and I'll never think of you,
Shameless Sir,
As more than a shadow, a blur, a faceless, inhuman -

(c) A.F. 2/29/12

I hope all of you get the irony of this piece. 

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