Saturday, February 15, 2014

Longing for Love

I think this one is pretty self-explanatory.

(c) A.F. 3/8/12


Oh! My sweet, dear, heart!
Heart of my soul!
Where have you gone on this brisk Spring day?
Wrap around me your warmth, your scent,
Let me breathe you in!
Forget the world!
Forget this Hell we're living in!
Oh! My darling, life, mine!
Caress my skin with your rosy-hot lips -
Soft, so soft;
Your mouth of velvet, and those wandering hands!
Gaze upon me with that sparkle in your burnt-topaz eyes!
Return this look of longing!
Let me take you love, take you to that moment of ecstasy!
Oh! My soul, mate, true!
Let me take you in, entwine my legs around you!
The warmth of our bodies colliding as we merge our souls - together - two in one!
Touch me, hold me, love me!
Kiss me, show me, fill me!
Run away with me to that cliff where we'll topple over together!
Euphoria -
And when it is over,
Say that you will never let me go.

(c) A.F. 3/8/12

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