Thursday, September 26, 2013

Unfinished Ballad

When I was in 8th grade (2004) I wrote this pretty sweet poem about a Siren that drowns two lovers, I was in the process of re-writing it in the form of a Ballad, but I never got around to finishing it. So here's the first three stanzas anyway because I still like them.

(c) A.F. c. 2009

The Siren's Song (A Ballad)

The wind was brisk as it whipped through the spray,
The heavy fog nestled the sea.
The salty sea-scent of the air rolled away,
Waves crashed on the shore forcibly.

Beneath the murky, rumbling tide,
She combed her seaweed hair
With a blanched, sickly, greenish hyde
And a black abysmal stare. 

Her tail was rough like a serpent's skin,
Her fin sharp as a blade.
Her lips, seductive, stretched so thin
O'r a tongue as soft as suede. 

(c) A.F. c. 2009 

Hah! I told you it would be really short. 

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