Thursday, September 26, 2013

Poetry Assignment

Okay, these are the rules to the poetry assignment I had to do as a warm-up exercise in class one day.

#1 It has to be a love poem
#2 You can't use the word "I"
#3 You can't use any verbs (actions)
#4 You can't use any adverbs (words ending in -ing)
#5 You only get 10minutes to write it

This is what I came up with. It was inspired by my boyfriend (before we started dating).

(c) A.F. c.2009


Heart of heart
With glorious eyes;
A polished brown,
       With clever tongue 
        Behind rosy lips.
A bright smile,
     A cheerful laugh.
Your dark, dark hair - 
     Soft as silk.
Your touch as sparks of fire! 
Your voice, a silver bell. 
Your cheeks, porcelain. 
      Oh! Heart of heart! 
If only
If only
Your heart t'were

(c) A.F. c.2009 


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