Thursday, September 26, 2013

Poetry Assignment #4

Okay, the challenge was to go to an Art Museum, find a painting that speaks to you, and then write a poem about it. We only had about an hour (the length of class) and then had to present them to the other students. The painting that I chose is called "Death of Leander" by Giulio Carpioni, Italy (1613-1679). This is the painting:

And now for the poem that I wrote about it (with only the help of one descriptive paragraph listed next to the painting in the art museum).

(c) A.F. c.2009

Death of Leander 

Fair Hero, waiting anxiously
In her lit tower by the rumbling sea,
Exalted to see her lover's face
Swim across the straight at a rapid pace.

Desire burns in her ivory breast,
As her lover swims - no time to rest! 
Little do they know that a winter gust
Will extinguish Hero's light and (anon) her lust.
The storm turns the sapphire sky to gray,
And her love loses sight of her light at bay.
Malevolent clouds toxicate the sky,
As he flails at the water and begins to cry.
But the turbulent tide is just too coarse,
And the lover's life is lost with much remorse.
Sea nymphs and a merman mourn his end,
As Poseidon, from the ocean depths, ascends.

And they all weep heavily; sea salt tears,
As they wrap him in a white-foam shroud quite sheer.
The anguish they feel is drowned out by the waves,
And the Heaven's thunder loud for a heart so brave.

While far off in her tower, a priestess learns
Of the death of her love, every heartbeat yearns! 
Fair heartsick Hero, grieving forcibly,
Alas! Joins her lover in the rumbling sea. 

(c) A.F. c.2009

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