Thursday, September 26, 2013

Poetry Assignment #3 AKA Mary's Sonnet Revised

So one morning my instructor had a different kind of assignment for us to do. We had to take our sonnets that we previously had written and change some stuff up. So here is the list of changes to make if you've got your own sonnet at home and want to try it.

#1 Change 5 words in the poem (I chose adjectives)
#2 Switch the first line with the third line
#3 Change all the "I" words to "You" and vice versa
#4 Switch the placement of some of the lines
#5 Change the last two lines to a couplet (i.e. they have to rhyme at the end)

Alright, well I used my "Mary's Sonnet" poem, and here is the revised version or EDITION TWO (whatever you want to call it). Either way, it's interesting how the perspective of the story can change a bit just by altering a few things.

(c) A.F. 12/3/09
Mary's Sonnet (Version II)

Adorned in a tight, scarlet gown
Flowing over milky skin.
Her crimson ringlets cascading down,
Covering her filthy, dirty sin.
Panting, her breasts rise and fall.
Poison-red lipstick marks her deeds.
Her lusting, to you, is utter appall. 
Within you disgust silently seethes. 
You stalk her in alley ways, dark and dank.
She's tainted in more ways than one.
She breathes into you, a liquor quite rank,
As she asks if you'd like to have some fun.
Somewhere a room splattered red at an inn
By the pieces and pieces, those pieces of sin. 

(c) A.F. 12/3/09

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