Thursday, September 26, 2013

Poetry Assignment #2

This was another challenge that my instructor came up with for us to do one morning in poetry class. Here are the rules:

#1 You can't use the word "I"
#2 You must answer the question: What Does it Mean to Love?
#3 You can't use any adjectives (words that describe other words)
#4 You can't use any adverbs (words that modify i.e. words that end in -ly)
#5 You only get 10minutes to come up with something

I had enough time in my ten minutes to write two stanzas, which could also qualify as two different short poems. Anyway, here they are.

(c) A.F. c.2009

The Meaning of Love

Waves dance across the ocean like lovers.
Somewhere, a butterfly breathes life.
A meadowlark sings music in the forest.
An angel, listening, jumps up in joy.
This is what it means to love. 

Eyes shimmer beneath the snow.
They gaze at the flakes as they tumble down.
Hands touch the softest of scarves. 
Inside, a fire where embers crackle.
A smile upon her lips as she enters -
This too is what it means to love. 

(c) A.F. c.2009 

I'm pretty sure that some of my word choices might be debatable as to whether or not they break the rules. But oh well, that's what I came up with at the time (gimme a break I was only nineteen). 


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