Thursday, September 26, 2013

When You Fall Out of Love

I was in a relationship one time that didn't end very well, I wrote this poem as a way to explain my feelings of having fallen OUT of love with someone.

(c) A.F. 3/16/09


Dull replaces sparkled eye
Wasted lips - used up, and dry.
No warmth found in lame embrace
Gone - the excitement of the chase.

Your gaze, like any other gaze,
No longer sets my heart ablaze.
Your hand, as any other twined,
Just plain fingers - yours and mine.

Your smile no longer makes me blush.
Your touch, likewise devoid of rush.
Your scent is faded. Nothing new.
Boring routine of 'I love you'.

Withered petals where roses once stood,
No wave of excitement, as seeing you should.
Bland cotton kisses where once there were sparks,
Drab conversations with scripted remarks.

Passionate tears became careless shrug motions.
Gone are the dreams of true love and devotion.
Empty and hollow - t'were once butterflies.
Time - the heart changes, and romance just dies.

(c) A.F. 3/16/09

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