Thursday, September 26, 2013

An Ode to Love

Another type of poetry we had to write in my college poetry class, which I think I write a lot of anyway, is called an Ode. My "ode to love" is, of course, about the guy I love.

(c) A.F. 12/2/09

Ode to Love

Each night, before I rest my head,
I thank the stars above my bed.
For they have sent a boy my way
Whose love for me grows every day.

Let me describe my love to you
So you, as well, will know it's true.
The reasons why I love my love,
And why I thank the stars above:

His hair is soft like feathers down,
It's rich and sweet, a chocolate brown.
His skin is satin to the touch - 
A newborn infant feels as such!

His eyes are pools of burnished gold,
Egyptian coins from days of old.
His lips are rouge, a luscious bloom,
And as they kiss like fire consume.

His arms are warm and strong as steal.
His shoulders, broad, pure sex appeal.
His hands, though fierce, hold gently still
My heart, and they forever will. 

His smile reflects Heaven's light.
His laughter makes the darkness bright.
His voice astounds the singing bird, 
No sound as pleasing ever heard.

His heart beats rhythmic, keeping time.
He makes me tongue-tied, makes me rhyme.
And all the beauty of his soul
Ignites my being, makes me whole. 

And so the diamonds in the sky
Twinkle tonight, this one reply:
"You thanked the fate of stars above,
We thank you for the gift of love." 

(c) A.F. 12/2/09 

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