Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Girl Who Feeds the Squirrels

My Senior year of College I joined the Squirrel Feeding Club at U of M, and this is an excerpt from the free form poem that I wrote about my experience.

...So innocent with their round, black eyes. Their tiny hands. Their bushy tails. So quick to trust. So willing to take candy from a stranger. But if I can save them from going hungry during Winter than I shall be content.

They learn to trust me, learn the click I make with my tongue when I bring food, learn to appreciate generosity. Do you wait for me? Do you recognize me? In their eyes I am a different person - a gentle person, a giving person, a nice person. In their eyes I am someone who brings them food, talks to them, treats them with respect and honesty.

In their eyes I become the person I so desperately aspire to be. Maybe I need them more than they need me.

...If I should die, look for me beneath the Oak trees on the coldest days of Winter and the rainiest days of Spring. And remember me always as the girl who feeds the squirrels.

  (I took this picture <3)

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