Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving Poem

I found this poem that I wrote when I was sixteen - it might not be the best but it gets the point across. I hope everyone has an awesome Thanksgiving and enjoy!

(c) A.F. 11/13/06


Buttered mashed potatoes
Brown gravy; thin as silk
Crumbly, layered rolls
A pitcher of cold milk

Crispy, crunchy stuffing
A platter full of yams
Squishy cranb'ry sauce
And several flavored jams

Yellow corn and green beans
Cooked vegetables galore
Pumpkin pie and cool whip
Cake, coffee, and more

Last but surely not least
A golden turkey dressed
To make this meal complete;
A savory chicken breast

There is one day a year
When family joins as one
To eat and to be thankful
Thanksgiving is so fun 

(c) A.F. 11/13/06

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