Monday, November 26, 2012

Astronomy Poem

When I was in college, I took an Astronomy class and one part of the final was to do a creative project - so I wrote a poem about the Sun. Here it is:

(c) A.F. 3/18/10

Big Bright Star 

Once, there was a grand star
That lit up the night sky
Living on main-sequence
Unknowing he would die

His core would cease to fuse
His shell, burning, instead
Transforms - a super giant!
Expanded ball, bright red

Fuse helium to carbon
The core expands and slows
The rate of H burning
The star - it brightly glows

Next fusion in the core
Of elements (heavy)
In many, many shells
As iron builds in thee

Degeneracy pressure
Causes the core to collapse
Catastrophic explosion
A supernova blast!

The core, once it has collapsed,
A neutron lump of coal
Collapses further still
To form a large black hole

But it's okay big bright star
Five million years remain
Before your imminent death
And you're star dust again

(c) A.F. 3/18/10

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