Monday, November 26, 2012

Advice for U of M Students

I made this list during my Senior year for everyone and anyone who attends the University of Michigan currently or in the future.

1. Always carry peanuts with you to feed the squirrels (unsalted is better for them)

2. Attention one and all, there is more than just one bus that will take you to North Campus (you don't have to all cram onto Bursley-Baits)

3. You never know when you'll need a coat or an umbrella because the weather is bipolar

4. There's no point in buying a parking pass because free parking is impossible to find anyway (almost all of Ann Arbor is meters and parking garages)

5. Blimpy Burgers has the best hamburgers that you will ever eat (it's located right next to West Quad)

6. The Rec Centers don't usually get too crowded if you go before 3pm in the afternoon (especially the pool)

7. Bring a pair of boots for the snow & the rain

8. NEVER NEVER NEVER sign up for an 8am class (this you will regret all semester)

9. The Freshman 15 is NOT a myth, you will get fat if you eat at the buffet-style cafeterias everyday (and drink a lot of alcohol)

10. The toilet paper in the dorms SUCKS (it's very thin and tissuey) so go to Kroger and stock up

11. Stucci's has the best ice-cream anywhere on campus, you can eat Ben and Jerry's any other time

12. Dorm beds are extremely uncomfortable, you will need mattress pads, lots of pillows, and probably a lot of blankets to help you sleep at night

13. Don't be afraid to drink the tap water  (we're surrounded by five fresh water lakes)

14. If you can afford an apartment, you'll have more space and privacy then you will ever have in a 12 by 10 ft dorm room.

15. By the end of your four years at college, you will own more U of M merchandise than any school store (expect even more gifts during holidays and birthdays)

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