Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Review of Still by JLO Look Book Make Up

In keeping in accordance with my previous blog, I have proceeded to test the look book that was released with the perfume "Still" a few years ago. It originally sold for between $20-$40 (like the other look book) but when I googled it, there were many websites that listed it anywhere from free to $12. One website even considers it "vintage" make up. But I don't think it's THAT old. Anyway, this is what the front cover looks like, for those of you who like visual aids:

Once again, I have lost the instructions for the palette, so I had to make things up as I went along. Similar to the other look book, this palette includes two eye shadow shades, a blush, an "illuminator", and a lip-gloss. The following picture is what the palette looks like:

The top two squares are the eye shadows, the middle square is the blush, the bottom left square is the "illuminator" and the bottom right square is the lip-gloss. Once again, this kit comes with a cheap applicator brush and a faux mirror.

The lip-gloss is a very hooker-ish shade of burgandy. It tastes like little kid play make up and it looks ruddy. I think it would show up alright on someone who has darker skin, but it just makes me look like a prostitute. The blush didn't show up at all. I tried a few times but there was no sign of a pink hue in my cheeks after applying it. The eye shadows, on the other hand, did show up. Although they may appear light in the pictures below, they are quite visible in person. The lighter shade is a lilac and the darker shade (though it appears black at first) is actually navy. When I blended them together I achieved the following result:

The darker navy hue can be applied heavier but the lilac hue is about as dark as it can get. The only reason the navy hue shows up lighter is because I blended it in. But I recall from my High School years that I often used a heavy amount of the navy on days when I wanted smokey emo eyes. And, as I mentioned before, if it's applied heavily it appears almost black.

Although I probably won't use the other JLo look book, this one I probably will use. I definitely won't use the blush or the "illuminator" or the lip-gloss, but the two eye shadows could be mixed with other colors or used around Easter or something. Anyway, I still don't think the kit should have been sold for $40 but if you can find one for cheap, I guess they aren't THAT bad of a make up to have.

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