Sunday, September 4, 2011

A Review of Maybelline Stylish Smokes Eye Shadow

A few years ago (2009 maybe?) Maybelline came out with a collection known as "stylish smokes". Well, I found one of them in my make up case the other day and decided to try it out. The one that I have is called charcoal smokes, and it looks like this:

First off, I love that it tells you where each hue is supposed to go i.e. lid, crease, etc. There's also a little diagram on the back of the eye shadow container that explains it (in case you use the part with the words), as well as different looks you can make with the eye shadow. Second, you might not really be able to tell from the pictures, but the black hue is actually sparkly while the other hues are more of a shimmer. For a closer look at the color palette that I have, here you go:

This picture definitely shows the colors better, especially the sparklyness of the black. Anyway, all of the colors show up well. They blend together decently enough. I just wish the black would go on a bit darker you know? It shows up, but it's not as smokey looking as I would like. I guess I could try to apply more and more of the darker hues, but then when I blend it - it just gets lighter again. I'll have to play around with it and test it some more. Anyway, this is what the eye shadow ended up looking like once I put it on: 

Try to ignore the poorly applied black liquid liner. Mine is running out, and I don't have the steadiest hands. Anyway, at the brow line is the silvery color. At the crease is the color that is kind of purplish. On the lid is the color that's a gray-purple, and at the corners is the black. But, like I said, the black didn't really show up that well. I may have blended too much. I don't know. I'll have to try it again. When I googled pictures of other people wearing this eye shadow, some appeared to have better luck with the black then I did. Oh well. Here's a closer shot:

I like this picture because you can really see how shimmery the eye shadow is. It's very pretty. I also like that my eye lashes look good, haha. Anyway, the eye shadow palette is only like $5 at Target or Walmart, so if you see it you should try it out. I'd like to get the other colored Stylish Smokes and see how they look. I know there's a purple one and a green one too. Well, I guess that's about it for today's review.

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