Thursday, September 29, 2011

5 Things That Irritate Me (part 1)

1. Bad Breath - I ride the bus to class everyday and for some reason people are incapable of brushing their teeth. Every time someone yawns it's like they are breathing out hot ass. I mean seriously, how can you not taste that you have morning breath? For the love of God get some Listerine.

2. Guys with Pony-tails - I don't know what it is, but it just looks gross. Every guy I see who has a ponytail has really greasy hair. It just makes me annoyed when I see their ponytail bobbing around. If you're a guy who wants long hair, why pull it up?

3. People That Smoke on a "Smoke Free" campus - There are signs up everywhere and everyone on campus received a letter about it. So why are people still doing it? What, you can't walk ten feet off the property to smoke your Cancer stick? The other day I saw one of the bus driver's smoking. Real nice example you're setting, ya jackass.

4. People Who Snort - And I'm not talking about the kind you do when you're laughing. I'm talking about the really gross kind like when someone has a cold and they snort their boogers back up. Or when someone is about to hack on the ground. It's just disgusting. It's gross and disgusting. Dear guy who snorted his snot right next to me, my ears are now scarred forever. Thanks.

5. When Hot Food Gets Cold - The other day I was eating in the cafeteria, and literally one minute after getting my food it was already cold. Eating cold potatoes and cold corn is just nasty. What they should do is crank up the heat on the food because by the time I sit down to eat it THEN it will be the appropriate temperature and not ice-cold.

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