Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Review of L'oreal "One Sweep Eye Shadow"

So, a few days ago I was flipping through a magazine at the nail salon when I came across an advertisement for the new one sweep eye shadow by L'oreal Paris. The picture that I saw looked a bit like this:

Needless to say, I got really excited. An eyeshadow that does all three shades in one sweep?! I for one, LOVE to blend my eye shadow shades - so this new eye shadow sounded like a dream come true. I immediately rushed to Walmart that very same day and spent $8.97 + tax on this revolutionary make up. Since the one sweep eye shadow is recommended for different eye colors - I of course bought the shades of brown (409) which is listed as "natural for blue eyes":

However, I was nothing more than a gullible consumer who would soon discover what it means to truly fall for the tricks of advertising. Before trying out my new eye shadow, I of course had to test it against my skin. So i applied one sweep of it onto the back of my hand, and here is the result:

The colors look beautiful on my hand, but as most make up users know - the skin on the back of the hand is a lot different than the skin on your eyelids. So the possibility of the eye shadow looking that great on my eyes was slim to none. However, I decided to give it a go anyway. After applying my one sweep eye shadow to my eyes, here is the result (let me just say that I pressed hard on my one sweep so that I could pick up as much eye shadow as possible):

Let's just say that I was extremely disappointed. First of all, the only color that really showed up was the darkest of the three hues. Secondly, the eye shadow applicator is such a hulk that I could not angle to get it close enough to my lash line. Thirdly, the two lighter hues are indeed so light that they hardly showed up on my translucent skin at all. After several attempts at reapplying the "one sweep" eye shadow, the results were hardly any different from my first attempt. Needless to say, I felt cheated and ripped off. I had dropped nearly ten bucks on stupid eye shadow that didn't even look that great. Since I'm pretty much stuck with my new eye shadow, I decided to make the best of it. I re-did my eyes using my own brush - which is very similar to the one pictured below:

Since the eye shadow hues are so close together, and a lot smaller than the average eye shadow palette, I decided to use a brush that had a small tip while also being able to hold a decent amount of pigment. The results of applying the one sweep eye shadow using this brush are as follows:

It was definitely an improvement. The colors showed up more and I could actually apply the color closer to my lash line. While the two lighter hues still remained, well, light, the dark hue was actually quite pretty. Although this eye shadow is no where near my favorite, the fact that I can at least utilize one of the three shades makes it feel like it wasn't a total waste buying the product. For those of you interested in a before and after comparison, well, here you go:

Maybe the colors would show up better on someone with darker skin? Since I'm so pale I need darker pigments to balance it out. Alas, since I already spent my money on the product - the only thing to do now is make the best of it. Would I suggest that anyone else should buy it? Hell no. You're better off buying your own shades and blending them together yourself. The results will be better and look better too. My FAVORITE eye shadow palette is pictured below:  

For anyone that is interested it's called Covergirl Eye Enhancers - Golden Sunset. The colors are beautiful and sparkly, they show up well, and they're great for summer. This three-piece eye shadow palette only costs about $4.44 - so it's affordable as well. Don't believe that it works? Well, against someone who has skin as pale as me, and is light-eyed - here's a sample of what it could do for you:

I'd say that it's a HUGE improvement from the L'oreal One Sweep Eye Shadow. Rather than making me look washed out, these colors enhance my eye color and give me a glowing metallic look. I absolutely love it and recommend it to anyone who loves shades of brown eye shadow. Well, I guess this concludes my review of the "one sweep" eye shadow. Feel free to go out and try it for yourself and I hope you'll have better luck than I did.

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