Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Review of Glow by JLO Look Book Make Up

Several years ago when JLo released her signature fragrance "Glow", there was a make up kit that was sold as well. It went from anywhere between $20-$40. Now a days, however, I don't think that it is in production anymore because I couldn't find it anywhere online. If you do come across it while shopping for make up, this is what it looks like:

The look book was advertised as being able to give you the "glow" that JLo has. However, two things immediately pop into my head - #1 JLo's complexion is that of a Latina, not everyone who tries out the look book will be have the same results. #2 JLo gets her "glow" from professional make up artists, not an overpriced palette sold to promote her own perfume. Anyway, I found the look book in my room earlier today and decided to see if/how well it really works. Unfortunately, I no longer have the instructions, as it came out years ago. If anyone does have the instructions, they look like this:

 I couldn't find the instructions anywhere online, other than this tiny picture. Obviously it is too small for me to read so I decided to just wing it. The palette includes two shades of eyeshadow, a bronzer, a lip-gloss, and an "illuminator" (whatever that is) - it resembles the lip-gloss but is probably supposed to be a cream eyeshadow or something.

The picture above shows what I have just mentioned. The top two squares are the eye shadows, the middle square is the bronzer, the bottom left square is (I think) the "illuminator" and the smaller square on the bottom right is the lip gloss. On the left, as you can see, there is a faux mirror, and the kit is complete with a cheap eye shadow brush.

The lip-gloss is extremely shiny and shows up beige. It would probably look good on someone with an olive complexion, but for someone who is peachy-white like me it just makes my mouth look metallic. The bronzer does not really show up that well on my pale skin, surprisingly. It has a very faint bronze hue, but basically it just adds a little sparkle to your skin. It's not horrible, but it's not good either. And now I come to the last part of the kit, the eye shadows. I applied a decent amount of the eye shadows and blended them together. This is the result I got:

As you can probably discern for yourself, the colors are very very light. Once again, they would probably show up great on someone with a darker skin tone, but for me they're just okay. I mean, I guess it's a good summer look or natural look, but overall it just doesn't do much for me.

A good way to describe these eye shadows is as "frosty". They're very light, kind of shimmery, and no matter how much you try to apply more they just don't get any darker. I highly doubt that I will be using this kit again any time soon (unless I got a really great tan). I guess I can understand why they took it off the market. My advice to you would be, if you ever find one of these - do NOT waste your money on it.

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